Sleeping Jacqueline

is the only not-always-moving Jacqueline.  All my drawings of her are from when she’s asleep.


represents a comprehensive Japanese world view or aesthetic centered on the acceptance of transience.


Pixel Zen Garden

Just another night in Crooklyn

broo    k lyn 

Robot Odyssey

Robot Odyssey

while (true) ;

I sometimes wake up in a fit of brilliance with the perfect solution and code for hours only to discover the next day that I’m wrong and it was all in vain.

Dream Fragment 1

The Flood

I figured the Spain incident…

I figured the Spain incident would have taught me.
I thought that smell of two-stroke engine fuel
and the red dust on my t-shirt would change me.

I left my boys in Kokrobite.

I left my boys in Kokrobite.
Its not my fault.

There are parasites in the ocean.
The waves break twice.

It is mostly cloudy and mild.
Its not my fault.